Root Canal Treatment

Brampton Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy in Brampton

In the case when a patient’s root of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed due to cracks, chips, decay or trauma, root canal therapy will be required in order to save the natural tooth and avoid tooth extraction.

Symptoms may include tooth pain, tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, sharp tooth pain when biting, dull ache in the jaw or a pimple on the gums that won’t go away.

A root canal may seem painful however it is not. The treatment can be compared to having a simple tooth filling. At the center of the tooth there is pulp. Pulp is made up of the collection of blood vessels and nerves which further helps in building the surrounding tooth. Infection to this pulp can cause cracks, deep decays and even trauma to tooth. A visible injury, swelling of the tooth or sensitivity to temperature are clear the symptoms of the infection. In such cases, to relieve the pain and to save the teeth, dentists take help of the root canal.

Root canal is basically a non surgical method to treat and eliminate the diseased pulp. The dentists remove the pulp and cleans the teeth thoroughly. Once the cleaning is done the tooth is then sealed back. The therapy usually uses local anesthesia and gets completed in one or two visits however it depends upon the condition of the teeth. The success rate of this procedure is 90 percent but it also depends upon the condition of the teeth. The only alternatives to root canal are to remove the teeth or to leave it untreated. Removing the tooth will leave a gap between the teeth and you might have to replace it with the artificial teeth. While leaving the teeth untreated will cause the infection to spread to the jaw. Pus can build up and you might need to consider dental surgery in the end.

Root canal treatment from experienced dentists plays a vital role in the success of the treatment. At KM Dental Group in Brampton, we believe that root canal is an effective treatment that allows us to preserve an infected tooth instead of extracting it. We use a mechanized system that not only provides complete and efficient disinfection, it also shortens treatment time. So, if you are facing the symptoms mentioned above, then call us and get an appointment for the root canal for your affected teeth.