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Teeth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Brampton

Tooth Extraction comes under the broader branch of dentistry known as oral surgery. It entails any and all dental procedures that require surgical intervention. Tooth extraction is a process also known as pulling a tooth and in this as the name suggests, partial or the whole tooth is removed from the gum. There are 5 kinds of tooth extraction surgeries that can be attained depending on the condition of your teeth and its requirements.

Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth are the last to grow out in human beings, they are the third pair of molars and usually come out at the time of teenage or young adulthood. They do not really have any particular purpose, instead they only tend to create issues. They offer only discomfort and can prove to be harmful of not extracted on time. As they start to grow, they do not really have much space and hence to make space for themselves they push the neighboring tooth and put pressure on them. This causes great discomfort and the affected is unable to even eat or drink anything properly because of the pain. And even after its complete growth, this tooth is most likely to face decay sooner rather than because as it is placed in an odd position, caring for its hygiene is difficult. As they are mostly neglected, decay starts there and continues on to the neighboring teeth.

Removal of Broken Tooth

If a tooth is broken due to any accident or some other reason, there are two ways to treat it depending on the extent of damage. If the damage is salvageable, the tooth can be restored with the help of capping or dental crown. However, if the damage is too severe and can not be simply restored, then the tooth is extracted. The extraction should be done as soon as possible because otherwise, it leaves the patient open to infections.

Cases of broken tooth happen primarily to the people who take part in sports such as football, basketball or wrestling. In such a case, it is very important to get a custom made mouth guard. A mouth guard would decrease the chances of broken tooth immensely.

Removal of Impacted Teeth

In some cases, a few teeth are unable to grow out. They can be laying about just under the gum or even buried within the jaw bone. While the impacted teeth are less likely to cause any problems but when it does it can be serious such as cyst. So, it is imperative that the tooth be removed immediately when found.

Full Mouth Extraction

If the teeth are neglected on a very high level, without any cleaning or hygiene care, it can lead to a severe case of bad teeth. It might also be genetic in some cases to have bad teeth. In such cases, if the restorative processes are out of league now, the only solution left is full mouth extraction. If the bad teeth are left untreated, they can cause serious damage to the body.